When to start potty training?

When to start potty trainingAre you afraid that your child is not ready to be potty trained yet?

Don’t worry.

Often children are more ready then you think and you don’t even realise it. Children also like to be thought new things especially when it gives them a confidence boost.

We’ve asked parents what their feedback on the programme is and most of the time their answer is: “I wished we started this much earlier!”

Are you curious what signals your child can give you to let you know that they are ready to be potty trained?


Signals say more than age.

  • Can they sit unsupported?
  • Can they walk?
  • Do they let you know that their nappy is full?
  • Can he/she say no?
  • Does he or she understand (simple) tasks and carry them out?
  • Can your toddler imitate something or someone?
  • Can he/she pick up an item?
  • Is your child interested in the potty or toilet?

If you can tick 3 or 4 signals, they are ready to start potty training!

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