Practice, practice, practice and frequent rewards. Potty training your child in a week is an intensive undertaking, but totally worth it. Plan a week off so that you can stay at home and focus your full attention on your child. Not in the position to do a week of intensive training? Then don’t order the box (yet), but plan when you will be able to. Believe us, the time you put into this is more than worth it.

In the box you’ll find a guide to the programme, a training programme booklet, instruction cards for each day, schedule, sticker cards, stickers and, of course, a certificate. Read the booklet before you start. The programme is based on rewards; each full sticker card means a reward for your child. Enthusiasm and attention will help your child a lot. Go crazy, do a little dance.

After completing the programme your child will be potty trained during daytime. We haven’t included nighttime potty training in this programme as it isn’t worth all the effort. At first, your child will still poo in their nappy at night, but after a while they will just pee a little. Once a couple of months have passed, your child will probably stay dry during the night too.

From 2 years of age, often even earlier. At this point your child is generally able to walk independently and tell you what they want, which is important for this programme. Take a look at the signals.

Definitely. 2 years is the starting age. The programme works for older children too; its core principles are giving your child attention and rewards – children of all ages will respond to that.

We are often asked this question. Providing a guarantee is difficult seeing as the results depend on how the programme is carried out. We have taken the feasibility of the programme into account in a variety of ways. For example, we advise that you start from 2½ years of age. You can often start a short while after your child has turned two, but we recommend 2½ so that we can be more sure of it working. There are also potty training programmes that claim to get your child to “stay dry in 3 days”. Our programme takes 7 days so that you can get some extra practice with holding pee for longer and short trips away from home. In this way you’re sure to succeed!

It’s better not to practice using a potty before starting this programme. We do use a potty for the first 3 days of the programme. If you have been practising with a potty or on the toilet, it’s not a problem.

The intention should never be to force something. You can teach your child. Just as with learning to ride a bike, you get the hang of it quicker when somebody lends a helping hand. Our programme advises you on how you can respond to your child: by being enthusiastic and ensuring that they have fun.

It’s just like learning to ride a bike. Once you know how, you’ll always be able to do it. You just need to keep practicing. Your child will be potty trained in one week and from then on you keep going. The chance that they regress is small, certainly smaller than when you practice with the potty in an unstructured way.

We read a lot about potty training and we potty trained our three children. We developed this programme based on these experiences and we focused on making it as easy as possible.

No, we are the parents of three sweet and head-strong children. We have accomplished a lot with experience, logical thinking and a great deal of creativity. The Potty Training Box has been reviewed by childcare experts, a child psychologist, a journalist and a business person.

We want to offer a complete package; this modern box ensures that you can keep the contents of the programme in one place and it also looks attractive.

Every child is unique and you are often the best judge of what works for your child. Instead of rewarding with presents, you can go for something different. Perhaps you could call grandma and grandpa to tell them about your progress. Or perhaps you could let your child stay up a little longer or watch a bit more television.

Presents do tend to work, as long as you are consistent with them. Every full sticker card comes with a reward. If you are enthusiastic, your child will be too!

You can sign up to the closed Facebook group and, for one year, you can ask questions about the issues you run into during potty training. Every child is unique, we understand that. We’ll also be available to answer your questions. Your one-year access begins the moment you sign up.

Go to www.pottytrainingbox.com/fb/and click on “Join group”. In your box there’s a card with a code on it – you’ll need this in order to sign up. Don’t have a Facebook account? Then create one (temporarily).

That’s great if you can potty train your child without the Potty Training Box. Our main concern is that you go ahead and do it. We want to help people and motivate them to start. We want other parents to experience how nice it is when a child is potty trained early. The Potty Training Box emphasizes giving your child attention and aims to be easy to use; as a parent you’re often busy enough without having to work out how to use it. Our programme takes care of everything for you.

Looking for a good book about using the potty/toilet? This is a great option: The Perfect Potty Zoo

Is your child a perfectionist and do they become (slightly) hysterical after having an accident? This book, Meekoo and the Big Red Potty, can help. It carefully explains that accidents can happen and that it’s not such a big deal.

Send your package (complete, undamaged and without traces of use) back within 14 days. Please make sure that the product is packed in such a way as to avoid any damage during in transit. See our revocation page

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