The potty training journey

Imagine if your child was potty trained one week from now.

No more hassle changing nappies, money saved each month, and much less waste.

It’s a triple win; great for you, for your child’s self-confidence, and the environment. Both yourself and your child will feel so proud!

Our programme makes this all possible.

Our potty training help comes in an easy step-by-step format, allowing you both to persevere and succeed!

Check out our 10 steps for successful potty training.

This programme is based on the experiences of two parents with three super sweet and head-strong children. Our potty training tips have been tested by experts and used by over 20,000 parents already!

What’s in the box?

  • Training programme
  • Instruction cards
  • Compliment cards
  • Schedules (an overview of when your child needs to pee)
  • Sticker cards
  • Fun animal stickers
  • Certificate
  • Access to our private Facebook community where you can ask questions and share your experiences. 
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We wanted to give parents the confidence to start potty training from age two, in a way that is fun for both parent and child.”

Why did we develop our potty training help programme?

Because we want to help parents successfully potty train their child within one week. We felt that coaching was essential to keep persevering!  

This is an intense programme with great results! Your undivided attention will be required for one week (Tip 1: if possible take it in turns. Tip 2: school holidays are ideal). You’ll have your child potty trained quickly and effectively, leaving you both feeling proud and with more time to spare.  

Is 2 years old too young to potty train?

On the contrary, it’s a good idea to start before the ‘terrible twos’ when your child shows an interest. If your child doesn’t show any interest by age two, try beginning potty training by age 2½. Ideally, your child should create a new habit before joining pre-school. Take a look at our signs that your child is ready to potty train.


  • A confident child
  • Money saved*
  • No more hassle changing nappies!
  • Environmentally friendly*
Potty Training Box - Certificate

What others think.

“We’ve had so many positive reactions to our Potty Training Box. We’re just thrilled that we can support other parents like us.“ 

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Wall of fame​

After completing the potty training programme, you should feel very proud of both your child and yourself!

We love our WALL OF FAME 🙂

* You’ll save between 30 and 60 dollar per month on nappies/wipes and you’ll produce 22 kilos less waste