(Extra) Reward system Potty Training

You can buy extra sets of sticker cards complete with stickers if you want to use the Potty Training Box again or simply when you need a reward system.

Show your enthusiasm and reward your child! The sticker cards have varying numbers of boxes (from 3 to 9) to reward your child and, when they are ready, start to reward them less frequently. There are also fun animal stickers that your child can have when they make progress.

Includes a free pee certificate.


In stock, secure payment
Includes online support by experts
Share your experience with other parents during training
Reusable (with a reward system you can use the box again)
Over 20.000 boxes sold already (internationally)
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What do you get?

  • 20 Sticker cards (10x double-sided, A5 size), the number of boxes on the cards varies between 3, 5, 7 and 9.
  • 120 Fun animal stickers
  • 1 Certificate


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Potty Training Box - Reward system
(Extra) Reward system Potty Training