Potty training in 10 steps

Potty training

There are many ways to potty train your child. Some parents introduce a potty and regularly put their child on it to get familiar with it. Often, they do this in combination with a pull up so chances of having an accident is small. Some kids are potty trained overnight. If this happened to your child you are really lucky!

Are you not fuzzed to work on potty training for months and would you like to train them in a short time period? You can! And that is what we were thinking too. No dreadful months of accidents but an intense week full of fun and positivity. That is our way of getting your child potty trained in a week.

Another positive about this training is that you are bonding with your kid. He or she gets a lot of undivided attention and they will LOVE it!
Besides that, their confidence will grow massively when they have achieved such a big milestone at the end of the week. You both will be proud. Mopping will not be the nicest part of that week, but the attention and the result will make it all worth it!

Step by step for potty training:

  1. Take of the nappy and leave it off. Children like clarity and predictability, it can make them upset when thinks are not clear and we don’t want that.
  2. Throw away all unused nappies. (In a clean bin) You can take them out later on to give them to someone else but by throwing away the nappies you give clarity to your child.
  3. Get him or her knickers on and give a compliment about them.
  4. Protect your furniture.
  5. Give lots of fluids so you can practise better.
  6. Leave initiative at your child by saying: “Will you tell me when you have to go?”
  7. Never get angry when he/she has an accident. They learn from it!
  8. A success is celebrated with a big cheer and a sticker on the sticker card.
  9. Does your toddler still nap in the afternoon? Use a pull up and call it a “sleeppants”, this avoids confusion.
  10. Hang in there.

If your child refuses to drink, we advise you to be creative. Buy nice new cups, give them his or her favorite drink (don’t think of the sugars, you can go back to normal after this week). Still no success? Buy or make ice pops, every child loves them!

Go for it!

Ps. Do you want our support? Check out our Potty Training Box.