203 million pounds! of the yearly waste we produce is from nappies.

Nappies are made from plastic, absorption material and paper pulp. It takes a lot of paper and petroleum to make a nappy. Besides that, a nappy is not easy degradable. Still, we need them. The important question is: How long will you use them?

A child of 2.5 years old is physically ready to be potty trained. But as a parent you often don’t pay attention to it because the use of a nappy is very easy.

When you have potty trained children, you will realise that it’s much easier to have them out of their nappies because you don’t have to change them at that very inconvenient moment. And it will save you a few pennies too (Approx. 210 pounds per half a year.) But don’t forget the confidence that it will give your toddler when they are potty trained. They will be so proud when they can go to the same toilet as mum and dad.

But first you -just- have to go out of your comfort zone and we often don’t like to do that.

‘If all British toddlers would be potty trained half a year sooner it would spare 101 million pounds of waste. That’s a lot!’

Pay attention to the signs your toddler is giving you. This way you can have a guess if your child is ready or not.

  • Can they sit unsupported?
  • Can they walk?
  • Do they let you know that their nappy is full?
  • Can he/she say no?
  • Does he or she understand (simple) tasks and carry them out?
  • Can your toddler imitate something or someone?
  • Can he/she pick up an item?
  • Is your child interested in the potty or toilet?

If you can tick 3-4 signals, they are ready to start potty training!

How would it be for you if your child is potty trained next week?

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