Potty training

High sensitive and potty training

My child is high sensitive, how do I teach him/her to get potty trained?

When something changes in the life of a child who is high sensitive, it can be a challenge for the parents. In the past you might have not seen these situations coming but after a while you just get prepared. It’s not that they are not surprising you but you know in advance how to handle things because you know it can go different with your child.

Cutting of the pacifier or potty training can take longer or be harder with a child that is high sensitive.

“We’ve got 3 children, one of them is high sensitive. We put our experience in the programme.”

If we look at our own children, we have seen that one got potty trained faster than the other, but that’s okay. Every child is different. Let your toddler lead and don’t force anything.

Don’t delay potty training to avoid disappointment because we are sure that with our help, you are going to succeed!

Don’t force anything; a high sensitive child hates that. For those kids it is extremely important to let them take initiative and you don’t put them on the potty or toilet. They need to have control over the situation.
Use their imagination. You could read a book that is about the human body. Tell them how digestion works. They like to visualise things and a book can help with that. It will make them less anxious.

When your child is still anxious about potty training you could explain all the steps that you are going to follow together. Tell him or her that he/she can say when they are ready for the next step. But be clear that once the nappy goes off, it doesn’t go on anymore. That will help them a lot.

It is possible that your child is more tired than usual. Keep that in mind and plan some more moments to relax. Stimuli are much more intense for a person who is high sensitive. Help him or her at the end of the day a bit more by reminding them to stay dry and make physical contact.

A high sensitive child needs to be slowed down and aware and that is a beautiful thing!

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